Why Go Digital?




The world now demands that digital media be fast and easy to use, the paper photo products of the past do not fit. Bring It Back Scanning & Archiving is here to help anyone who has stockpiles of photos/videos and wants to convert them to a digital format.

Preservation is a leading reason for converting paper products to a digital format. Old paper photos will continue to fade over time and picture clarity will dissolve. Fire and water can damage or destroy photos. For most people there is no second photo — no backup copy. When photos are converted to a digital format, making additional copies is an easy process. Photos can also be stored on any digital media and in more than one location, to protect them from natural disasters or deteriorating over time.

Bring It Back Scanning & Archiving uses Kodak, Nikon and Epson brand scanners. These are commercial grade scanners that produce optimal quality results and a range of DPI choices.

Business services include, but are not limited to, the scanning of:

•  Paper Photos

•  Slides

•  Reel to Reel Conversions

•  VHS & other 8mm Camcorder Video Tape Conversions

•  Cassette Tapes

•  Vinyl

•  Paper/File Document Scanning

•  Camera Film Conversion

Document scanning is designed for families and small businesses who need any manner of paperwork converted to a digital format.

Preserve a lifetime of memories.
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Barry Huedepohl

Belmond, IA 50421

(515) 825-8969

Don’t let your memories fade away. Preserve them digitally


Photos (any size up to 8" x 10")

600 dpi: $0.45 (per Photo)

Photos in Albums (Scrapbooks)

600 dpi: $0.55 (per Photo)

Slides: 35mm, 110mm format or 35mm
super slides (Color & Black/White)

4000 dpi: $0.52 (per Slide)

Film: 35mm, 110mm & 126mm format
(No ASP negatives)

4000 dpi: $0.56 (per Frame)

* Higher or lower dpi pricing is available upon request.


Video Tapes (VHS, MiniDV, 8mm to DVD)

Reel to Reel Digital Conversion (25–50ft)

Vinyl Record Conversion

Cassette Audio Tapes

Paper Documents

Floppy Discs & Zip Discs



$15 each

$25 per Reel

$12 each

$10 each

$.10/per Page

$7 each


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